Creede School District breaks the norm, hosts spring homecoming


CREEDE — The Creede School District is in for a fun and busy week as they set the stage and celebrate a Homecoming. Since the district does not have a football team, school officials decided to host the annual event during basketball season.

Attempts to get it into place in the last several years fell short, but Creede School Superintendent Keith Crispell said they were able to get everything in place this year and added that the event this week will be great for students, teachers, and staff.

“We have tried in the past to host a homecoming week and it just never really took off, but I think this year is our year. It is a great way to break out of the norm for February, which for the district and students, can be both the shortest and longest month in the school year,” laughed Crispell. “It will be a really wonderful and busy week for us, and we are all looking forward to it.”

The week kicked off on Monday, Feb. 6, with the first of many dress-up days. Monday, students walked through the doors in their favorite outdoor sports outfits which set the stage for the rest of the week.

On Tuesday, students dressed up in matching outfits and family members gathered at the school that evening for the Family Literary Night.

The rest of the week consisted of Disney dress-up day, school spirit day and a homecoming pep rally on Thursday.

“We even have the elementary theatre students putting on a production of a play called ‘Tweet’ Thursday night after our lip sync battle. It really is going to be a great week and it is such a great way to break up the winter and spring months here at the school,” continued Crispell.

Later Thursday night the school will be hosting a skate party and bonfire at the ice-skating rinks above town and on Friday after another production of “Tweet,” the older students will gather for their homecoming dance at the Creede Community Center.

The entire week leads up to the games on Saturday against La Veta. Both boys and girls basketball teams will face off against their rivals in games at the Creede School. Games begin at 9 a.m.