ASU asks Douglas County to opposes RWR proposal


Dear Douglas County Board of County Commissioners,

The Board of Trustees of Adams State University respectfully submits this letter for your consideration and asks you oppose the Renewable Water Resources proposal. We are privileged and honored our great University calls the San Luis Valley home, and we recognize the conservation, protection, and use of water resources of the Rio Grande basin are vital to the continued economic and cultural prosperity of the San Luis Valley and of Adams State University.

The exportation of water resources from our community poses a direct existential threat to our University and jeopardizes the economic and cultural well-being of not only the current, but future generations of San Luis Valley residents, including our students and employees. The exportation of our valley’s water will decimate our region’s agricultural industry, which serves as a foundation of our rural economy. The repercussions of such a short-sighted effort will be felt in every other sector of our economy. Further, the removal of massive amounts of our water resources will harm our local ecosystem, causing ripple effects that will be felt throughout our region.

As an institution celebrating its 100th Year Anniversary, we have spent the past year envisioning and planning for the next 100 years, with hopes for the continued success and growth of our University and community. However, this can only be achieved if we are good stewards of our region’s fragile natural resources, which we have diligently strived for over our 100-year history. It goes without saying, water is essential to our community and the preservation of this precious resource is held close to heart by many in the community. We, as Trustees, are faced with this reality and take it into consideration with many of our own decisions. As such, we understand and empathize with the challenge you face and offer our support in finding alternatives.

We thank you for your time and consideration and invite you to reach out if we can be of any help.

The Adams State University Board of Trustees,

Michele Lueck, Chair

Pam Bricker, Del Norte

Amanda DeLaRosa, Denver

Jonathan Marquez, Denver

Mark Martinez, Alamosa

Jennifer Mueller, Alamosa

Arthur Ortegon, Castle Rock

John Singletary, Pueblo

David Tandberg, Ph.D., Vice Chair, Thornton