Trustees vote to close out flume project

CREEDE— During the Creede City meeting on Oct. 2 board members voted to make the last payment to Mays Construction Inc., finally closing out the last of the six-month rehabilitation project. Project Manager Guinevere Nelson-Freer and Mays Construction Inc. representative Wade Henderson were present to answer questions and to give a brief update on the final work being done on the flume.
Henderson began by stating that the board could approve the final payment, minus the retainer that was held at the beginning of the project and that the approval to submit payment would be contingent upon receiving the final survey and proper documentation closing out the project. “We will take this time to also contact all of the sub-contractors for final submission of any payments that may be missing. I do not think there are any, but it is common practice to contact them prior to closing a project,” clarified Henderson.
Henderson also explained that while testing shotcrete along 120-foot section of the flume, the required strength of the cement did not pass inspection. “There is a section near the top of the flume that came in under specs. We tested at 28 days and came in at 4,000 PSI and the required strength is 4,500 PSI. We tested again at 36 days and still came up about 200 PSI below the required specs. In order to ensure that this is not an issue in the future, we are proposing to extend the warranty from two years to three just in case something happens,” said Henderson.
Trustee Laurie Dooley spoke up and voiced concern that the issue would become problematic and asked Henderson whether or not he thought it would fail. Henderson responded that he feels the shotcrete is more than stable and though there may be some crumbling at the top of the flume, it is strong enough to withstand high amounts of water. “They set the specs for shotcrete stretch high for safety reasons. The flume is fine and will last a long time with the work that has been done.
Henderson also stated that the project would not be closed until the board felt comfortable with all of the documents that are left to sign. Dooley made a motion to approve the final payment to Mays Construction Inc. contingent upon approval of the final documentation which was passed unanimously by the board.
Henderson proposed a final project to finish before the project was closed out, stating that there is debris that needs to be moved from the bottom of the flume near the top of the flood plain. “When crews were finishing the bottom, debris kept flowing back up into the flume because the creek bed was higher than the base of the flume. In order to get the shotcrete down, they had to dig out a portion of the area and the debris is still there. Several people have stated that they would like to have the small pool that was there before work started back, so I am proposing a final project to remove the debris and put the pool back in place,” explained Henderson.
Board members agreed to place a request for bids out in the paper and online to get a local contractor to complete the work. Henderson explained that there is money left over in the budget to pay for the project. “We might as well finish this out completely before closing out the project,” said Henderson.
The board decided to allow bids for a two-week period before making a final decision later in the month.


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