Creede School District enacts temporary mask protocol

CREEDE — After completing nearly three weeks of in-person learning, Creede School District students and staff were asked to wear masks upon returning from the Labor Day weekend.

The school reported two positive cases of COVID and enacted its school safety protocols for at least the next two weeks. 

In a meeting held by Mineral County Commissioners on Tuesday, Sept. 7, Silver Thread Public Health Director Tara Hardy explained that the school is asking all personnel and students to wear masks for the next two weeks out of precaution. According to Hardy, the school had protocols in place that if two or more people tested positive, they would switch to masks for a period of time. 

“This was a measure they put in place prior to the start of the school year in addition to their reopening plan. Their choice was solely based on keeping the school open for in-person learning as much as possible. I worked with both Keith and John Goss over the last several days and am happy with how things are looking out there,” said Hardy.

In a statement released by the CSD Superintendent Keith Crispell, “Dear Miners Family, we have had another positive COVID-19 case within our district, so according to our outbreak plan, we will require universal masking for at least two weeks. This will apply to all students, staff, and visitors. We are aware that we could have more positive cases in the next few days, and we need to mitigate the spread. While two weeks seems long, this will encompass only seven school days. Our first goal is to keep students safe and in the classroom.

"Tuesday, September 7th, 7:45-8:15 we will offer optional rapid testing before school. We want to ensure that everyone entering the building is healthy. Our local public health department will be on hand to help our school nurse with testing so that it will go fast and smooth.

"Remote learning is an option for students wishing to stay home until our situation improves. Please notify the office if you plan to keep your student home and take advantage of remote learning. 

"Remember, symptoms could be mild, so please, if you have any questions about symptoms (as simple as sore throat or stuffy nose) you or your child might be noticing, please stay home, and ideally get tested. Don’t hesitate to call the office and speak with Nurse Kate about any symptoms you or your child are experiencing. 

"Please be patient and understanding as we do everything we can to keep our doors open for our students.”

Rapid testing will continue to be an option for those wishing to be tested for COVID. For more information, visit or As of Tuesday, Mineral County reported a total of three active COVID cases.



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